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Lasting and pleasant aroma. Suitable for any home and office. Attractive appearance. Long-term use. Enjoy the pleasant and soft aromas that will make your home or office a more cozy place...
11.00 лв.
Ex Tax:11.00 лв.
 Enjoy the pleasant and soft flavors that will make your home or office more comfortable place...
7.50 лв.
Ex Tax:7.50 лв.
Areon Bio bags are filled with dried lavender, mint, pine tops , which further are scented with essential oils. They are suitable for refreshment  for wardrobes, small rooms and cars..
2.70 лв.
Ex Tax:2.70 лв.
Finn and lasting scent for your wardrobe. Protects clothes from moths for 8 weeks. Available in two fragrances: Lavender and Cedar...
2.10 лв.
Ex Tax:2.10 лв.
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