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10 Jan Useful tips on how to choose linen
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            Regardless of what type of body each person has something he likes and is good to highlight. Another wants to hide. Well-selected lingerie gives confidence, self-esteem and sex appeal. Her..
17 Jan Fashion Trends in Underwear
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Choice of lingerie              Lingerie is extremely important not only because it is a necessity without which a woman can not but also because it cares around her skin around the clock. It is made ..
26 Jan The colors spring/summer 2017
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            Three definitions describe the trends of the spring / summer season and these are: vitality, rest and as much time as possible spent outside in nature. both bright and vibrant tones, and m..
26 Jan Fashion Trends in Makeup in 2017
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As in any sphere, as well as in the sphere of beauty there are tendencies. Thanks to social networks, more and more people are influenced by fashion trends. Central beauty trend 2017 - makeup in turqu..
26 Jan Leilieve
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The well-known Italian brand Leilieve has long been quite successful in producing high-class lingerie for women.The brand does not in vain have such popularity and prestige among fans of remarkable qu..
26 Jan Sisi
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SiSi launched the new spring-summer 2017 collection with socks and clothes in soft notes and neutral tones. Pantyhose are seamless, comfortable and extremely gentle. Floral lace, mesh fabric and tatto..
15 May SISI - Brands
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Sisi was founded in 1925. In 1980, it became part of the group companies, united under the common brand "Golden Lady". In 1990, Sisi sold 20 million pantyhoses. Now Sisi is one of the most famous manu..
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SISI NEW COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2019The new SiSi Spring Summer collection is a collection of whispered femininity contaminated by street, rock and punk elements. Thus the classic combination of b..
21 May Golden Lady - company
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COMPANYGoldenlady is one of the brand of Golden Lady Company, an international industrial group, worldwide leader and key player in design, manufacture and retail of hosiery and underwear.Founded ..
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