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Bra and Brasil Leilieve 3515-3555

Bra and Brasil Leilieve 3515-3555
Bra and Brasil Leilieve 3515-3555
73.70 лв.
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  • Brand: LEILIEVE
  • Model: Bra Leilieve 3515 - 3555

Unique bra with a smooth and shaping bust padded cup and Push up effect. The back is made of beautiful and gentle lace that adds an elegant look to the bra. The model is extremely comfortable and comfortable with adjustable non-removable straps. Combined with Brazilian 3555 made of microfibre and lace in the back.
Composition: outer and inner part: 85% polyamide, 10% elastane, cotton 5%
Additional information - Hand wash only, whitening is prohibited, is not centrifuged, ironed at low temperature, dry cleaning is prohibited.

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