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About us

Retailer "MARGO" is an organization established in 2000 in the town of Bourgasand the first retail store for underwear and hosiery was founded in the sameyear.( in the same year founded the first storeretail underwear and hosiery.) The main goal of the company is sellingwith underwear - women, men and children, nightshirts, pajamas, swimwear,socks, hosiery and knitwear. At present we possess four stores. We have more than 30 product groups and over 1,500 items.

Weoffer a wide variety of products of proven brands of Bulgarian and foreignmarket. We have products of Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish,Turkish and other manufacturers. Some of which are: Bohemian-Sibel, Boretti,Devas, Evita, Yvonne, Kia, Lord, Maggie M Maris, Perfect, Rome, Sia, Spica,Stater, Tyapti, Golden Lady, JEL, FORMeasy, Bella Donna, Leilieve, Lemila,Lilly, LORMAR, MI, NBB, ORCIDE, Pink Angel, POMPEA, ROBERTA, ROJ, SieLEI andothers.

Ownerof the trademark "MARGO" is ЕТ "Alpha Management Consult - Vasil Georgiev".

We strive to offer a wide range of products to Bulgarian and international manufacturers with a high level of customer satisfaction!

Customer service is a priority №1 for us.

The customer must always be satisfied.

MISSION: Satisfaction from the purchase-product

The MARGO Merchant chain is looking for a long-term relationship with customers and will maintain these relationships with competitive prices, flexibility and service.

In 2007 we createdour E-shop ( for selling underwear and hosiery that is constantly improving anddeveloping.