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In this category you will find a variety of different items for each member of the family, home and home. There are more products in the category for home and office for everyone! The category is exchanged weekly.

Lasting and pleasant aroma. Suitable for any home and office. Attractive appearance. Long-term use. Enjoy the pleasant and soft aromas that will make your home or office a more cozy place...
11.00 лв.
Ex Tax:11.00 лв.
 Enjoy the pleasant and soft flavors that will make your home or office more comfortable place...
7.50 лв.
Ex Tax:7.50 лв.
Areon Bio bags are filled with dried lavender, mint, pine tops , which further are scented with essential oils. They are suitable for refreshment  for wardrobes, small rooms and cars..
2.70 лв.
Ex Tax:2.70 лв.
Finn and lasting scent for your wardrobe. Protects clothes from moths for 8 weeks. Available in two fragrances: Lavender and Cedar...
2.10 лв.
Ex Tax:2.10 лв.
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